No Ka’ oi

For time

June 13, 2022

Make sure you get pictures in this week as we finish "Sexy by Summer" this week. Final day to get pictures in will be Friday 6/17/22. This Saturday there will not be scheduled classes as usual. We have a 13 more spots to participate in the DEKA event which will consist of a 10 zone workout. If you do not participate please come and support 8 am - 1 pm.

For Time:
30 Snatch (135/95)
30 Box Step Up (50's/35's)
30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)
30 Box Step Up (50's/35's)
Goal: Sub 16 min

-Use one of the following to change up the barbell work:
Dumbbells: 35's-65's
Sandbag: 70-100
Kettlebells: 35's-53's

Accessory Work:

3-4 Rounds For Quality:
:10 sec L-Sit Variation Hold
:20 sec Side Plank Pulse (right)
:20 sec Side Plank Pulse (left)
-Complete exercises back to back and rest 1 min between rounds