No Ka’ oi

Youth Fitness

"Shaping the lives of our youth"

If you are looking for the top youth fitness program in Fremont and Newark, we are the place for you.

Why Choose us?

Accredited Coaching and Personalized Guidance
 - Devoted to delivering top-tier coaching.
 - Prioritizing personalized guidance for both children and parents.

Educational Emphasis:
 - Enhance movement skills and understand their purpose.
 - Pre-class study hour

Physical Benefits:
 - Motor skills development
 - Strength and endurance building
 - Cardiovascular and bone health

Mental Well-being:
 - Stress relief
 - Improved mood and concentration

In-House Physical Therapy:
 - Provide complimentary evaluations for targeted improvement and injury risk reduction.

Community Engagement:
 - Actively involve children and seamlessly integrate them within the local community.

Dedication to Growth:
 - Commitment to fostering children's development as leaders and promoting team collaboration.
 - Develop and empower youth to unlock their full potential.

Future-Focused Investment:
 - Recognizing that the program's investment not only benefits the present but also establishes a robust foundation for the future.

What ages is your program for?

Our program is designed for youth ages 10+

What days do you offer your coaching?

Our classes are offered every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

What to do next?

  1. Schedule a FREE No Sweat Intro to schedule a time learn more about our program
  2. Tour our Facility and see how our method will help your child
  3. Sign up, have fun, get results