No Ka’ oi

Better Vibes
Better You

Our mission is to make you part of the Ohana on your journey to better health and wellness. We are a fitness gym providing health and wellness services with good vibes and good community as you strive to reach the highest to find your inner warrior.

Whether it's physical therapy or fitness, you need a team who listens and pushes you forward to help you reach your goals.

Built on relationships
ikal tiki head

Our methods are clearly laid out so you can better trust our team and your body’s ability to heal.

Healing quickly & Efficiently
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We educate you to the point that you shouldn’t need us because we’ve taught you how to be independent when it comes to healing.

Education First
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Ikala’s Hawaiian roots give us a holistic life view of the importance of doing life with friends, family, and good vibes.

Good vibes, good people
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Meet Joewel

Joewel is a California native with deep family roots in the Hawaiian Islands. He's a Physical Therapist, a father, a husband, and a CrossFit gym owner.

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As one of the largest gyms in the area, we have more than enough room for you to grow as an athlete and a person.

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