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What It Takes To Get Into Shape And The Amazing Community You Build From It With Junior Fregoso

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Cutting out the lifestyle that you used to live is not easy to begin with; the food you enjoy and the leisure time that you usually use to hang with others. But when you realize the community you are in is no longer for you, what are the things that you can do to move forward? How can you create a healthy lifestyle that would improve your mental wellness as well? When you have someone who believes in you and you have something that you can grasp and achieve, what keeps you disciplined?
This week's ikala Podcast episode, our host David Gonzales interviews Junior Fregoso. Junior is a Spartan and Deka Athlete, a member of Machete Madness Pro Athlete Team, Founder of Garlic City Ruckers, and a community advocate for physical and mental wellness. They will talk about the struggles in beginning physical fitness, the discipline that you need to build while improving yourself as well as the mental wellness you get from physical fitness, and how you can build a community to bring people together.
They will touch on such topics as:
• There will always be one person who will let you know who you are and someone who will believe in you and let you believe in yourself.
• Your only competition is yourself.
• Go out of your way to help other people. Find that inner warrior within yourself and offer help.
• Plan to be the best version of yourself, the version that you are meant to be.
• We all have our own path where we get into situations that make us who we are now.
• Physical fitness gives you mental clarity.
• Get off your couch and do something. It may be small steps to begin with.  
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