No Ka’ oi

Listen To Your Thoughts: You Can't Lose If You Listen and Learn

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We all have thoughts that we don't always have control over. But what happens when there is a constant chorus of negative thoughts about ourselves? What does that mean for our lives, career, and relationships? More importantly, how can we apply strategies and techniques from the mindfulness movement to help achieve the life we actually want to live?
This week's ikala Podcast episode, our host Joewel Pascual goes solo to talk about how listening to our own thoughts has a direct impact on the quality of life that we live. Learning how to control what we listen to provides us with more time, energy and money to invest in the things that matter most.
They will touch on such topics as:
• It's our job to determine what we listen too and what we choose not to listen to.
• Our mindset and thoughts are often influenced by what we listen to, but listening to the wrong kind of words and thoughts could lead to an improper mindset.
• What you say to yourself makes a huge difference in how you feel.
• Empower yourself to live the life you want by empowering helpful words, thoughts and actions.
• We don't have control on our thoughts, but we have control on what we listen to. Our lives are shaped by the things we pay attention to.
• We have a choice over the thoughts we allow into our minds.