No Ka’ oi

How To Be More Intentional With Your Actions

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We've all heard the phrase “doing things with intention”, but when it comes to our daily lives, are we talking about doing the same thing over and over again? Or are we talking about doing actions that have meaning, with an awareness of our outcome? Are you fed up with half-hearted attempts and wish you could execute with more focus, passion and determination?

This week's ikala Podcast episode, our host Joewel Pascual goes solo to talk about why you need a personal mission statement in your life and how this purpose-driven movement is entering and transforming every area of our lives, careers included.

They will touch on such topics as:

  • Your thoughts determine your actions, which determine the outcome of your life.
  • Organize your thoughts and actions. Make the most of each new day.
  • It's important for you to know what you need to do each day, to help you get started more effectively.
  • You will find yourself back on track and again heading toward fulfilling your dreams and goals.