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How To Improve Your Training By Applying The Five Fundamentals Of Parkour with Darryl "Wavezilla" Stingley

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What does "sport" really mean? Overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand are the common reasons why an athlete gets injured. But how can a person understand fundamental movements and integrate them into training? Can a sport help a person overcome their fears? Darryl Stingley represents a modern day breed of human beings that seem to possess supernatural powers when it comes to their ability to move. Although these individuals are rare, there are enough of them in the world that they no longer go unnoticed. I’m talking about freerunners- athletes that practice the art of Parkour, a discipline with roots in military escape and evasion tactics originating in France in the late ’80s. Fast forward thirty plus years and here we are, bearing witness to a self-regulated, fully functioning, interdependent community of athletes dedicated to the exploration of movement. Movement that is expressed through the navigation of the most fluid, effective, efficient, creative, and original fashion possible.
This week's ikala Podcast episode, our host David Gonzales interviews Darryl Stingley aka Wavezilla. They will talk about integrating the methodology of training in a traditional sense into the actual practice of a person’s craft and how to utilize the fundamentals of parkour to enhance a person’s training and athleticism in general.
They will touch on such topics as
• See the world behind the neighborhood fence. There is no limit. There’s nothing that you cannot climb.
• There is a whole other way to use the world than the way that we are taught.
• Sometimes, we hold back from the opportunities that are coming towards us.
• It’s better to know more than to know less. Just like everyone would say, knowledge is power. And learning more doesn’t make you forget the things that you already know.
• Parkour will help you overcome your fear and utilize your courage in climbing those buildings, whether it be in your everyday life or relationships. It is not just physically healthy, but mentally healthy as well.
• One of the things that people don’t understand is that we create the reality we live in. If you don’t think that you can, the only reason you can't is because you don’t believe you can.
• You need to remember that, just like anything, you don’t start up high. You start from the ground. 
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